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1993. Paper By Smith & Simpson (PDF)

Effects of pollution on holdfast macrofauna of the kelp Ecklonia radiata: discrimination at different taxonomic levels

ABSTRACT Non-metric multidimens~onal scallng (MDS) ordinations were conducted at 5 main taxonomic
levels and 1 mixed level (corresponding to malor fauna1 groups) for community data from kelp
holdfasts sampled across a gradient of domestic effluent at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales Australia
All plots showed separation of close outfall sites from controls Two-way nested analys~s and pairwise
compansons of locations using non-parametnc randomisation tests (ANOSIM) indicated that differences
between the close outfall location and controls were significant at all taxononuc levels In contrast
the effect due to sites within locations, although significant up to order was not significant for
analyses at the muted class and phylum levels These observations support the hypothesis that anthropogenic effects moddy community structure at higher taxonomic levels than natural environmental
vanables Consequently, stud~es of impact that focus on higher taxa may be more readily interpretable
than those conducted at the species and family levels.

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